This is the part that some might say is just an extension of my resume - going on at length about several technical topics...  kind of like Machiavelli writing "The Prince" in the hope of getting back into politics.  Although that's not entirely wrong, I don't have any illusions about hordes of recruiters reading these articles? essays? editorials? and then making lots of offers.  In fact, a recruiter once advised me to "keep your opinions to yourself until after you're hired".  Obviously, I'm ignoring that advice.  The theory is that seeing how and what I think gives a better picture of who I am than just a list of stuff I've done.  And of course, like every writer, I think that what I write is actually worth reading - regardless of your hiring opportunities.   So... welcome to my thoughts on a few IT topics.

Disclaimer - Let me say right up front: Originality Is Not Guaranteed. I typically listen when people are talking and I also like to read.  Consequently, I’ve learned much from others - and I really appreciate it; but I often don’t remember who said what. So... If you see something that looks familiar, the lack of attribution was unintentional. Sorry about that.