While “free” software isn’t hard to find, finding the good free software is more challenging.  Over many years, I've installed, tested, and regularly used a wide range of such “open licensed” software.  Consequently, this collection represents what I think are among the best in each category – often rivaling commercial packages.  While some may be familiar, you may find at least one useful app you haven’t seen before.  Since my primary desktops run some version of Windows, most software has a Windows installer available - with the exception being bootable CDs that usually run Linux. Here are some details about what I mean by “free”:

  • All packages are licensed for free personal use and most are free for business use - some are also open-source.
  • Donations are often accepted, but not “required” as with some shareware or nag-ware.
  • The apps are not cripple-ware or demo-ware;  all features are enabled - although a “pro” version may be available.
  • WARNING: Some installers offer to modify your browser or add icons to your desktop.  While this is a legitimate way to fund free software, be careful to un-check anything you don’t want.

For more details and the software downloads, follow the links.  For a bit more objective information and links to similar products, I recommend finding the app and/or provider on Wikipedia.